Ready to increase your influence, presence, and confidence at work?

My name is Sahar and I provide public speaking and communication skills training for high performing young professionals just like you! Because you may be highly skilled, driven, and intelligent . . . But if you can’t articulate your ideas clearly or engage your audience effectively, you’ll hold yourself back from getting the promotions, accolades, and growth opportunities you deserve.

The good news is, confident and impactful communication is a learnable skill.
And I’m here to show you how. 

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  • Sahar’s attention to detail was exactly what I needed to improve my communication skills. Whereas my analytical skills were well developed, I did not realize how much I could improve the strength and clarity of my argument for my clients and other people I communicate with on a daily basis. Sahar’s personal touch made working with her a professional and illuminating experience. I cannot thank her enough and enthusiastically recommend her!

    Mona, Freelance Data Analyst

  • Thanks so much to Sahar for giving me the opportunity to jump on a strategy call with her. It was great timing! I am at the beginning stages of developing some unique programs to support immigration and language development in some rural areas in Canada. I am confident in my skills as a language coach. However, I am new at presenting these ideas to people that are not in my field.

    It was amazing to discover her expertise. Sahar was able to help me sort out my objectives to fit into a great presentation for my target audience. I liked that she was able to tailor her advice to my individual project. She gave me relevant questions to reflect on before and during the call to make my presentation more meaningful. After our session, I was blown away by how Sahar was able to give me such quality advice within such a short time.

    Lana, Ontario (Canada) Language Support Program Coordinator

  • My one-on-one sessions with Sahar were a game changer for me! Through our work together, I learned to speak up at work and not be afraid to share my thoughts or input with the team… which didn’t come naturally at first since I was one of the most junior engineers in our department.

    Sahar taught me how to organize my thoughts in a way that made sense, and gave me the tools I needed to be able to proudly speak my mind – in work & beyond!

    Yasy, Embedded Systems Engineer @ Edwards Life Sciences