My name is Sahar and I provide public speaking and communication skills training for high performing professionals just like you! Because you may be highly skilled, driven, and intelligent . . . But if you can’t articulate your ideas clearly or engage your audience effectively, you’ll hold yourself back from getting the promotions, accolades, and growth opportunities you deserve.

The good news is, confident and impactful communication is a learnable skill.

Do you identify as an introvert?
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  • HalaiSahar far exceeded my expectations in the planning and execution of a communication skills workshop we did for our company. In prep meetings, she came equipped with questions to fully understand our team’s unique needs so she could tailor her content accordingly. In execution, Sahar worked tirelessly to ensure everything was done right and delivered her material with a high level of professionalism.

    I would definitely work with Sahar again and recommend her to any organization that can benefit from any type of presentation skills training. I also think it would be highly beneficial to leverage Sahar as a 1:1 coach, as she has a great ability to naturally build rapport and offers great communications insight/advice!

    Halai Shukran, Senior Director of Human Resources @ Viant Technology

  • I found Sahar’s workshop on public speaking very helpful, informative, and inspiring. She is extremely knowledgeable on this topic and introduced us to some really powerful techniques related to networking and communication.

    I characterize myself as an introvert, and attending her workshop not only made me better understand my fears in communicating with others, it also made me realize I am not the only person afraid of presenting… there are resources out there that I can get help from to overcome my fears!

    I highly suggest attending Sahar’s workshops, either online or in-person, to all my friends, especially the women. I am inspired by Sahar’s dedication and really look forward to seeing her grow.

    Nastaran Emaminejad, Society of Women Engineers Board Member @ University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

  • peymanThe staff and community members of Pars Equality Center are deeply appreciative of the presentation Sahar delivered for us.  With her invaluable points on communication development, all our attendees left feeling more informed and empowered to secure their future and advance their career.

    Thank you, Sahar, for sharing your generosity in time and knowledge. We are looking forward to more collaborations in the future!

    Peyman Malaz, Los Angeles Director @ Pars Equality Center