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Hey there, stranger!

Welcome to our neck of the woods where we strive to be normal, not common. 

What’s the difference?

Common is when you’re conforming to be just like everybody else… But normal is when you’re being authentically you — who you are at your core — without any of the added bells & whistles.

Are you an extrovert who loves to talk and connect with everyone? Great! Let’s find a way to harness this energy and channel it into persuasive, effective communication.

Or maybe you’re an introvert with your own unique way of engaging with others… Salutations! Let’s cultivate the distinct way in which you communicate, so your message is just as clear and effective as everybody else’s.

The Uncommon Crew, led by yours truly, is all about championing YOUR one-of-a-kind story, POV, and message in a way that’s true to you. In addition to monthly public speaking resources, you’ll also be among the first to hear about upcoming communication workshops, webinars, and digital courses, so that you can find and cultivate your version of normal alongside a supportive group of likeminded peers.

So what do you say? Are you ready to make this inbox official and start empowering your voice to inform and inspire others?