I admire people like Sahar who are doing what they are good at and passionate about! During our workshop, she definitely showed her expertise on the subject of communication, and I learned a lot in our short time together. I especially enjoyed the interesting facts and statistics she shared in her presentation, and found the overall event very useful.

Sahar’s character and positive attitude were the best part of the whole experience for me. She is a wonderful example of a woman with great communication skills!


Elnaz Aslanian, Digital Marketing Coordinator @ Viking Cruises

NazaninBased on the number of people who signed up for Sahar’s workshop, it was clear that our members had great interest in her topic. Sahar was very interactive and engaging with her audience during her session and I received a lot of positive feedback from everyone that attended. PWIT would love to work with Sahar again in the future!


Nazanin Pajoom, Los Angeles Chapter Lead for Persian Women in Tech (PWIT) Global Non-Profit Organization

AlirezaI really enjoyed Sahar’s workshop presentation. And because she was confident and engaging, it was easy to follow the material. I also really liked the interactive activity she had us do outside the room, as it kept everyone interested in the larger discussion.

In all, the event was very interesting, I learned a lot, and got the added bonus of networking with others. Thanks again, Sahar, for the great workshop!

Alireza Delfarah, PhD Candidate @ University of Southern California (USC)

NazliAs a workshop leader, Sahar was engaging, informative and confident. I enjoyed hearing about her background and how she overcame her communication hurdles to get to where she is. I also loved the interactive aspect of the workshop as I felt it put everyone at ease.

Overall, I found the topics covered very useful… especially the part about the importance of effective body language while presenting!

Nazli Boroshan, Provider Relations Manager @ The Behavioral Health Provider Network (theBHPN)

LanaI am at the beginning stages of developing a few unique programs to support immigration and language development in some rural areas in Canada. I am confident in my skills as a language teacher… However, I am new at presenting these ideas to people that are not in my field.

Thanks so much to Sahar for giving me the opportunity to work with her on this project. She was able to help me sort out my objectives to fit into a great presentation for my target audience. After our time together, I was blown away by how Sahar was able to give me such quality, tailored advice within such a short time. It was great experience working with her!

Lana Johnston, Language Support Program Coordinator @ Ontario (Canada) Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration

YasamanMy one-on-one sessions with Sahar were a game changer for me! Through our work together, I learned to speak up at work and not be afraid to share my thoughts or input with the team… which didn’t come naturally at first since I was one of the most junior engineers in our department.

Sahar taught me how to organize my thoughts in a way that made sense, and gave me the tools I needed to be able to proudly speak my mind – in work & beyond!

Yasaman Mandi, Embedded Systems Engineer @ Edwards Life Sciences